FOR SALE AS A SET - Ocean Thigh Fishermans Waders & Green Canvas Multi Compartment Fishing Bag

WADERS - Size 10.5 / 45, Mix Gummi, SRC Slip Resistant, Shock Absorber, Antistatic, Oil Resistant, Steel Caps on Soles, Fix Lock Strap At Top of each Wader.

LENGTH OF WADER - from sole to top of Wader approx 37"

USED CONDITION - These have only been worn a few times so are showing some wear with marks in places, so please see photos

FISHING BAG - Multi Compartments, Green Canvas, Hand & Detachable Shoulder Strap, Multi Zip

TYPE OF BAG - Tactical Siwius 5.11+

DIMENSIONS OF BAG - 14" Long x 12" High x 5" Deep (not including front pockets)

Depth including front pockets - approx 8"

CONDITION - This fishing bag was bought brand new for £40 & has only been used a couple of times. There is a wee mark inside the bag & a spot on the front pocket as can be seen from the photo but other than that, it's in excellent condition.


I'm selling this set on behalf of my dad who has been a fishing enthusiast his whole life. Please see all attached photos and thanks for your interest. - 02842788735

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