BIG Binoviewer ZEISS w/ 1.25" adapter & ZEISS 10x/20 eyepieces

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Listing is for ZEISS Binoviewer for Telescope with ZEISS 10x/20 eyepieces. These are from Zeiss Axioskop microscope's head (very good condition) and permanently adapted for using in telescope.

This binoviewer got BIG 30mm prism. The telescope input side is close to 27mm. This the max 1.25 binoviewer possible.

The specialty of provided ZEISS 10x/20 eyepieces is, the field stop can be widened by removing the field stop bottom screw on ring by unscrewing the groved part of the eyepiece. It converts the eyepieces close to 26mm fieldstop to get WIDE FOV. I tested it and it works great.

It also comes with 2 adapters to use regular 1.25" telescope eyepieces in the binoviewers. The openings of these adapters are close to 22mm. So, any eyepieces with 22mm or below field stops will work great.

I converted them to use in telescope with necessary adapters and 1.25" nosepiece. It works great with binoviewer friendly telescopes (like cassegrain & maksutov). Other telescopes either needs optical glass path extenders (expensive) or barlows (changes magnifications). Best would be to use a tele-extenders like Televue Powermate or any telecentric barlows. Or else there are big brand manufacturers that makes optical glass path correctors.

* Comes with integrated 10x ZEISS microscope high contrast eyepieces (25mm equivalent).

* 1.25" nosepiece adapter to put in a binoviewer friendly telescope.

* 1.25" nosepiece can be removed and it got T2 female thread (which can be adjusted by hex screws provided). This can be used with Baader T2 prism to decrease the glass path.

* One eyepiece is independently focus-able for diopter adjustment.

* High eye relief. I can see entire field upto 15mm - 18mm from the eyepiece.

* Field stop is razer sharp. Excellent contrast without any false colors.

* Uses pretty high quality beam spliter

* Uses prisms for redirecting the light to eyepieces

* About 22mm aperture to the telescope side.

* Collimation is good when testing. But it can be easily done through tiny 3 screws in the side eyepiece holders.

* Tested using my Celestron C6 on Jupiter and Saturn and excellent.

* Eyepieces works exceptionally good for planets, double stats.

* The alignment is tested and looks good. But if you face trouble merging images with regular binoculars, these binoviewers are not recommended.

P.S. Eyepieces can be swapped with any pair of 30mm base microscope eyepieces. Also it comes with 2 adapters to use regular 1.25" telescope eyepieces in the binoviewers.

No returns. No international shipping.

If interested, please message me your offer. Paypal. Price includes the 3% paypal fees and packing/shipping cost.

Also, I got some more binoviewers similar to this. I will soon list them.

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