Takahashi Starbase Orthos

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For Sale

Selling these as a set only!

20mm + 14mm + 9mm Takahashi Starbase Orthos

Great little high quality set of beginner eyepieces. Optics are designed for f/10 as these are sold as part of the new Takahashi Starbase 80 Achromat refractor. They all have a solid feel and good heft reminiscent of the little Orthos, Kellners, and Erfles produced by Celestron and others in the 1970s and 80s. This selection of 3 focal lengths is great when mated with either a 2x or 2.5x Barlow to get a full range of high magnifications as well. Add a 32mm Plossl and it becomes a full working set of focal lengths in 1.25".

Includes top and bottom caps for all and original plastic ziplock bags - these are not sold with boxes. Optics are excellent with no issues. Housings and barrel also excellent with no set screw marks. Basically pristine condition.

These are normally $44 (20mm), $44 (14mm), and $50 (9mm) new, so $138 plus shipping charges.

As a package selling for $90 + $15 shipping = $105 total. I will cover the Paypal fee.

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