MISC Meade Orion Celestron Parks Filters and Misc - Blow out bundle

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For Sale

Basically small amount of money for all these including the shipping - $40 Shipped CONUS

1 1/4" Colored Filters in individual jewel cases - all Made in Japan

Meade 4000 - #58 : Green

Meade 4000 - #23A : Red

Meade 4000 - #80A : Blue

Meade 4000 - #12 : Yellow

Parks #21 : Orange (Planetary Filter)

Parks #82A : Light Blue (Planetary Filter)

Celestron Moon Filter - #96-0.6 (25% light transmission)

Other special 1 1/4 filters made in Korea

Orion 13% Moon Filter (13% light transmission)

Orion 40% Variable Polarizer

Orion LPR Skyglow (Broad-band "Light-pollution Reduction”)

Orion Red PenLight - a little scratched up but works. Put on your keychain.

Meade 4000 12mm Illuminated Reticle MA12mm (needs 2 small L44 batteries) - Not sure this is very clear or usable anymore. No eyecup. Consider this a freebie.

Celestron Night Vision LED Flashlight - missing front clear plastic lens but still works

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