Crypto/Bitcoin Vending Machine/ATM Business In London For Sale

For sale here is a Bitcoin/Crypto ATM / vending business. The name of the business is Cryptominal. We have been trading since September 2018 and currently achieve a turnover of £120,000.00 per month with a gross profit margin of 17%. Our adjusted net profit margin (if you take directors remuneration out) is at around 10%. We have 13 machines across London and greater London. The business model is very simple: The vending machines allow customers to buy Bitcoin with cash. Once a customer inserts cash, the machine sends a signal to our Bitcoin wallet and triggers a push payment to the customer's wallet. It happens all automatically and within seconds. We have great visibility via our admin backend. We get notified by e-mail for each and every transaction (circa 30 a day). Once the machines are full, we go and collect the cash. We have lease contracts with shopping centres including both London Westfields (White City & Stratford). Our lease agreements are on a 6 month rolling basis and were just renewed (March 2020). We have out of hours access to the shopping centres to make our cash withdrawals. We also have a land-line, e-mail domain and website.

It is a very easy and risk-free business. The net asset value of the 13 machines in our portfolio alone equate to circa £40,000.00 second hand value. Every single transaction is fed directly into our SAGE accounting system and allows very accurate reporting. The business can easily be run from home. The only labour involved are the cash withdrawals. A one month hand-over period can easily be accommodated. Please only enquire if you roughly know what Bitcoin is and understand our business model. If you have no clue, please do some google research on “Bitcoin ATMs” before asking any questions. With respect, we do not want to spend hours educating punters on what crypto is etc. You don't really need to understand all the intricacies of Bitcoin and the Blockchain network. In fact only very few people really understand it. This business is like a Bureau de change whereby you take one currency (GBP, USD or EUR) and give Bitcoin in exchange or vice versa. A mark-up of 17% is currently charged for that service. Reasonable questions from seriously interested people are welcome. Please also note that I as the business owner am very busy and although happy to engage in phone calls to answer questions etc. would need proof of funds before I commit my time to face to face meetings.

- 13 current locations.

- 4 new shopping centre locations from May 1st

02034883830 - £280,000

West End, London

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