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CONTACT Gold Bars,Gold Dust ,Nuggets and Diamonds,

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CONTACT Gold Bars,Gold Dust ,Nuggets and Diamonds,

We are Genuine reliable trusted Mining Company we  specialised in Gold Bars,Gold Dust ,Nuggets and Diamonds, We trade in all countries in the globe, and we are known for our genuine and fair trade with lot of experience ,with long years of service and experience  our priority is the satisfactions of our customers pure quality our network is broad to several countries USA,UK ,EUROPE, ASIA, AUSTRALIA etc we have bring a complete new experienced on supply potential customers and establishing long term business relationship our transactions are smooth no customers worries  we are completely able to ship to any location due to our wide experienced and professionalism we only recommend a serious customer contacting us for business and all our business gets accomplish customer always receive merchandise on time without any worries/problems   


Commodity :: Gold Dore Bars
Purity ::::: 99.95%
Carat :::: 24+
Price ::: $29,500 per kg

Contact us on 

WhatsApp... +237673966249

Call us at ...  +237673966249
Email ::

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