Stellarvue Binoviewer w/ Eyepieces etc...

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For Sale

Selling my Stellarvue Binoviewer

Included are...

a. 1 ea. Barlow

b. 2 ea. Stellarview E3023 23mmFMC

c. 2 ea. 9mm 66° eyepieces.

d. 1 ea. 2" diameter extension tube

e. 1 ea. Stellarvue Binoviewer

f. 1 ea. Orion Plastic case.

See pictures for condition, some scuffs may exist on binoviewer, but otherwise very nice. Eyepieces and Barlow are great.

All optics are great as far as I see and works well.

I never used the extension tube as it worked fine on my scope without.

$200 Plus Shipping

USA only, Paypal only.

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