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For Sale


want to offer several things from my collection:


- 'Nature 10x42' Binoculars with caps, strap, bag, ... 90 USD shipped

- 'Travel Scope 70' with 45* amici prism, finder scope, eyepieces 20mm and 10mm, tripod, bag pack ... 60 USD shipped

- 'Mac 90 Spotting Scope' with 45* amici prism, finder, 25mm plossl eyepiece, bag pack ... 130 USD shipped

- 90* star prism diagonal 1.25" ... 25 USD (only with Mac 90)


- Binoculars 'Trinovid 10x42' 40009, new, superior prior version with central focuser diopter adjustment ... 900 USD shipped


- Crayford focuser with micro focus knob and 40mm travel (compatible with several base plats for GSO focuser from AgenaAstro) ... 100 USD shipped


- Azimutal Mount 'Versa Go II' with aluminum tripod including L-bracket ... 120 USD local pickup at SF bay area

Shipping in CONUS only


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