9mm & .380ACP Ammo - FMJ & JHP

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Posted By: David L. Mize
Date Posted: Tue, 06 Oct 2020 21:27:00 CDT
Category: Firearms/Accessories
City/State: Simpson, IL
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Winchester 9mm 115gr.FMJ 50rd. box $33.00Winchester 9mm 115gr.FMJ 100 rd. box $64.00GECO 9mm 115gr.TMJ 50 rd. box $33.00Blazer Brass 9mm 115gr.JHP 50rd. box $33.00PMC 9mm 115gr.FMJ 50rd. box $25.00 SOLDBrowning 9mm 115gr,FMJ 50rd. box $33.00Federal 9mm 115gr. HP 50rd. box $33.00WSA 9mm 115gr.JHP 50rd. box $33.00Legend Pro 9mm 115gr.SCHP 20rd. box $20.00Browning 9mm 115gr.FMJ 200rd. box $125.00Federal 380ACP 95gr FMJ 50rd. box $34.00Silver bear 380ACP 94gr FMJ 50rd. box $30.00Colt 380ACP 80gr SCHP 20rd. box $20.00Blazer Brass 380ACP 95gr FMJ 50rd. box $34.00Aguila 380ACP 95gr FMJ 50 rd.box $34.00Remington Golden Saber .380ACP 102gr JHP 25 rd.box $25.00* Call my Cell #618-771-7175 anytime between 8AM and 10PM 7 days/week
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