Meade DSI Pro I (Mono) with Manual Shutter

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For Sale

Original packaging but missing the USB A-to-B cable. I went through a cleaning fit a while back and forgot that I still had equipment that used those cables.... You can pick up a cable on Amazon for $5-6 or probably about the same locally. Assuming anyplace local to you is open....

The manual shutter if from ScopeStuff, it works for any of the DSI I/II/III series. I'll have to remove the shutter for shipping as the camera doesn't fit in the original box correctly with it installed, but the package will include the ScopeStuff hardware and instructions to reinstall it.

You'll need to download a recent copy of Autostar Envisage from Meade as the included CD is ridiculously old.

$50 + shipping, PayPal preferred, I pay the fees.

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