Criterion Dynascope RV-8 8” f/8 OTA

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For Sale

Here is a complete, 100% authentic, and rarely seen Criterion Dynascope RV-8 f/8 Optical Tube Assembly (only), circa 1971.

The RV-8 is rare and hard to find because it’s RV-6 sibling predecessor already became hugely popular, and was lighter, more portable, and most importantly half the cost of the RV-8 when the RV-8 was first introduced in 1969.

I purchased this RV-8 OTA (only) years ago from an individual who only had the complete OTA without its Mount, Pier, Legs, etc.

Using only 26mm & 15mm Edmund Scientific RKE’s I recently saw sharp crisp images of Saturn and its Rings, Jupiter with its brown Belts and its four big Moons. Needless to say our Moon’s Craters show up super crisp.

The acclaimed 8” Primary Mirror is in excellent condition and still has a very-good to excellent aluminum coating on it. However, a nice/careful cleaning of the Primary Mirror (with mild liquid soap and distilled water) should be done, and I can only imagine how much better this Planet killer will perform afterwards.

Initially the RV-8 was only offered as an f/7, but soon afterwards they offered the f/8. This is an f/8, and you can see on the backside of the Mirror (in one of the photos) that the Primary has a date stamp of 12/09/71.

The only noteworthy item to mention is that there was a minor 2” x 1.5” repair done to the OTA (before my ownership) near the bottom (shown in two photos), where it was filled in but never correctly sanded down and polished.

For those of you wondering why it has the Green Finder that was generally associated with only the Green Tube Dynascope OTA’s, you should know that these 8x50 Green Finders were plentiful at Criterion at that time, and they would often use them even on their White Tube Dynascopes - - until they were totally used up.

Also note that the last two photos shows a Meade Starfinder End-Ring on the OTA, that I used on this OTA for extra protection and better aesthetics. If you want to purchase these seemless plastic End-Rings they are an additional $10.

The Meade DS Mount, and the Tube Rings that hold the OTA are not part of this sale.

While shipping is possible, a pickup or meetup is preferred.

Asking price is $325. I will absorb the PayPal fee, but shipping will be extra cost.

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