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Takahashi TSA120 with 2.5" moonlite

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For Sale


I have one of these scopes in beautiful condition with a superb green and black dual speed with shaft lock moonlite focuser.

Price does not include shipping or paypal (4%)

Besides a nick or two barely noticeable on the ota, it looks like new.

Comes with its Takahashi clamshell and soft carrying case.

I have the orginal focuser which I can send you for no additional cost except shipping cots, but it needs TLC as the top two adjustment screws are stripped and needs to be retapped with larger screws to regain adjustment capabilities, although it is fine for visual use.

Thinking about upgrading to a TOA130 because my DM6 mount can handle a lot bigger apertures, and the TSA120 is too big for my CG4 w/ tracking motors.

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