Celestron RASA 11" V2 used once

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For Sale

This is a V2 RASA 11 used only one time. I took it out to collimate and ran a test sequence on a target to make sure everything works alright. The test target stack of 162x60" with my QHY268C and just an autostretch is attached.

I had originally intended to upgrade my V1 RASA to this V2 and sell the V1, but I did not realize how much the extra weight would affect my mount's guiding. With no intention to upgrade my mount any time soon, I'm just going to try and cut my losses a bit and sell the V2 and keep my V1.

Comes with all the original accessories and ships in original double-box. There is not really any wear to note except the front camera mounting ring that came with it looks a little rougher than something new should. Never really decided to do anything about it though because it still threaded on fine.

$3,100 includes shipping. Paypal add 3%. Pickup possible in Florida for $100 less, will drive up to 2 hours.

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